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MY LIFE stands for Metastatic Young, Living In Focus, Empowered and is dedicated to young patients, under the age of 45, living with metastatic breast cancer and other cancers. This powerful program includes MY LIFE MATTERS Magazine and MY LIFE is My Legacy video series, in addition to providing tools, resources, guidebooks, and support for our cancer community.


My Life is My Legacy 2023

#MyLifeIsMyLegacy series by Tigerlily Foundation is a collection of intimate vignettes showing the lives and living legacy of remarkable individuals. Personal stories of people living with Stage IV cancer, early-stage cancer in addition to medical experts, industry trailblazers, caregivers who have not been diagnosed with cancer. These stories build a bridge of knowledge, love, faith, hope and transformation that help us understand the impacts of cancer and provide guidance that will help generations to come. 

My Life is My Legacy OTHER SEASONS



MY LIFE Matters Magazine:

Tigerlily Foundation’s MY LIFE Matters “EMPOWERED” Spring 2024 Issue is here!

This is an Elephants and Tea & Tigerlily Foundation collaboration focusing on stories of empowerment.

Each amazing author shares how they have been empowered in life and through life’s challenges that they have experienced as they navigate their cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. As you read these stories, be inspired and look inward to how you can become empowered as you navigate your own diagnosis and life.

Feeling empowered during your cancer journey can look and feel different for every single person. It can also be unique to each position within the care continuum from patient, caregiver, survivor, medical expert, to the community as a whole.

Be empowered to advocate, be empowered to educate yourself, be empowered to share your story to create awareness for others. Be empowered to help seek change in policy to improve health equity to end barriers of age, stage, color, and location. Be a caregiver who shares lived experiences and tips that can help others to feel empowered in caring for their loved ones as well as themselves. All of these unique types of empowerment showcase advocacy at its best.

We know the stories within these pages will resonate with you regardless of your cancer diagnosis or where you are at in your cancer experience.

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MY LIFE Matters Magazine Events:

As an expansion of the MY LIFE Matters Magazine Advocacy in Action publication, Elephants and Tea and the Tigerlily Foundation are excited to introduce our virtual magazine launch, MY LIFE Matters Perkatory: Advocacy in Action Magazine Launch.

Our next MY LIFE Matters Magazine Perkatory event will be on Wednesday, June 26th at 7 pm EST

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