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Building upon Tigerlily’s successful My Life is My Legacy video series, My Life is My Legacy Brazil seeks to change how the world thinks, feels, and understands MBC, as well as, how to support patients and caregivers living with the disease. In partnership with FEMAMA, Tigerlily empowers MBC patients to share their stories of action elevating their voices for change. The My Life is My Legacy Brazil series is a powerful collection of stories from patients, caregivers, and family members focused on removing the stigma in their communities and empowering every viewer to be a vehicle of transformation. This series is an engaging and culturally relevant educational material for the world, by sharing these heroic stories, we are planting seeds of power, hope, and participation.

#MyLifeIsMyLegacy series by Tigerlily Foundation are the stories of people who are mBC, eBC and those who have not been diagnosed with cancer. These stories build a bridge of knowledge, love, faith and transformation that help us understand the impacts of breast cancer and provide guidance that will help generations to come. As Nunny Keyla Reece describes when she was first diagnosed with mBC, “It was very clear that people had a fear to talk about mBC.  Even for myself, it was a scary thing to talk about.” But knowledge is power. As Nunny describes, “If you don’t talk about it, how will you gain the knowledge?”

Please join us as we launch our series of intimate vignettes. Share these videos and tag your friend using the hashtag #MyLifeIsMyLegacy.

My Life is My Legacy - BRAZIL 2021

The Power of One

The great strength of these remarkable women living with metastatic breast cancer while living their best life is powerful. It starts with the power of one within each of these women who are advocate for change.

This is their legacy.
What’s yours?

The Power of Community

The impact of cancer affects family, caregivers, friends and loved ones. When we come together as a community of medical professionals, researchers support services, volunteers and advocates, lives are saved- lives are changed.

This is our legacy.
What’s yours?


“People are afraid to say the word “cancer” as if the word itself is contagious.” With the support of family and friends, Ivana learned how to laugh, tell stories and even cry during her cancer treatments for metastatic breast cancer.

Learning how and when to ask for help and finding her inner strength allowed Ivana to thrive through her cancer diagnosis and treatments. She shows us all the importance of digging deep, asking for help and being open with your feelings.

This is Ivana’s legacy.
What’s yours?


The diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer at 34 is not stopping Claudia from achieving her goals and living her best life. In the two years since her diagnosis, Claudia has completed 10 races including a half marathon, showing the world that you can still find your win in life – proving that mindset, hard work and effort can contribute to your happiness and success.

What is your win, and how are you living your best life?

This is Claudia’s legacy.
What’s yours?


As an accomplished professional, University Professor, Lawyer and Sociologist Remi pours her mind, body, soul into everything she does. Surviving cancer is now her primary job. After experiencing challenges within her healthcare system and with the insurance company, Remi is working to ensure that patients have proper medical care and coverage they need.

She is also learning as much as she can about her cancer and incorporating holistic and complimentary therapies to her medical treatments. Beating the odds of survival, and being a leading advocate in the metastatic community has become her mission, until her last breath.

This is Remi’s legacy.
What’s yours?


The role of parent and caregiver to her daughter living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) transformed into a beautiful bonding union between a mother and daughter. Watching her strong, full of life, ambitious daughter go through the unimaginable made her jump into action. This dynamic duo became a force, together taking on the challenges of living with MBC and blending their lives to support each other.

This is Elizete’s legacy.
What’s yours?


“Why me” may have been a question Beth asked herself at the beginning of her cancer journey. Then the transformation began and Beth showed the world a “new me” a bolder, stronger and more vibrant version of herself – living with purpose, intention and pure joy.

Beth has participated in clinical trials and has become a larger-than-life advocate, helping people everywhere she goes.

This is Beth’s legacy.
What’s yours?


By day Christane is a lawyer, program manager and advocate, supporting the access of medical care and treatments for cancer patients. Along with that, her other full-time job is as a caregiver and source of support to her mother living with metastatic breast cancer.

Christine advocates for the cause during the day then become a caregiver at home, as a compassionate, caring and unstoppable positive force of nature, set on changing the world.

What are you doing to make the world a better place?

This is Christane’s legacy.
What’s yours?


Cancer definitely shakes you to the core. For Sandra this was a shake-up that provided a fresh start. Sandra and her family looked at cancer as a wakeup call to starting living, learning how to grow her own food, eat healthy, understanding the importance of physical activity, and with these experiences, establishing new values and beliefs.

Life for this 3-generation matriarchal family is grounded. They are putting in place a new way of living that will impact generations to come.

How are your lifestyle and values shaping the next generation?
This is Sandra’s legacy.
What’s yours?


At 12 years old having a parent diagnosed with cancer can be a lot for a child to fully comprehend. As a family, you make life changes and expect those medical advancements will give your parent a full life and return to normal – then you grow up and see the harsh reality that cancer has brought into your life. Natalia dropped out of college to be the primary caregiver with her grandmother to support her mother as she lives with metastatic breast cancer. This is life, this is living, it is not easy, but for this family it is filled with love and unconditional support and perseverance.

This is Natalia’s legacy.
What’s yours?

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